'Anukshanam' Model Tempting Big Heroes

By - August 08, 2014 - 12:02 PM IST

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The combo of Ram Gopal Varma and Manchu Vishnu is all set to arrive with their new venture Anukshanam and more than the film, it is the approach these two men took that is causing a stir in the film world. Well, RGV’s ‘auction system’ through a website aiming to create a parallel film industry is nothing short of a revolution.
The bidding will be done above the Base Price for each center. If that works only then recovery will be higher than the investment but it is reported that everywhere 30 to 40 percent higher bidding has taken place so the makers are now at three to four times the profit. Today is the last day for auction so we have to see who the chosen ones will be.
If the craze for RGV-Manchu Vishnu combination is like this then how it will be for big stars? This is exactly the reason why the Anukshanam model is tempting the biggies now. Based on the results of the commercial figures of this movie, there is a good chance that many from the top league might be tempted to take up this model. Let us wait and watch.

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