Mana Kurralle Audio: Trendy & Experimental

By - August 13, 2014 - 07:49 PM IST

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Mana Kurralle is an upcoming entertainer starring Arvind Krishna and Rachana Malhotra in the lead roles. Music for the film is composed by multiple composers Mohan Jona, Shiva Kakani, Guru Kiran, Bheems, Mano Murthy and Raaz. Here is an exclusive music review of the album:

The album gets a power packed beginning with title song Mana Kuralle in Hard Rock style. The singing has good punch, supported well by electric guitar grooves.  The lyrics speak well on optimism and good hope.  The track has a good progressive feel about it and gives a right kick start for the album.

In contrast with the heavy laden beginning,  Oh Are You Sona is a breezy melody with lilting acoustic guitar and gripping rhythm. The vocalists give a decent rendition suiting the composition and the interludes carry the laid back ambience with Far East Flute, commendable string section and mellowed rhythm.

Pitapuram Rajale is the next track which brings back the power packed environment with good string section and punchy rhythm. The composition has a fusion style between western singing and carnatic music. However, the vocalists could have performed with more vigor for such an experimental track. However, lyrics by Peddada Murthy are thought provoking which have a take on the lavish lifestyle of current generation.

The album goes to trance mode with Jum Jum Mani sung by the ever sweet Karthik. This track can be termed as the highlight of the album for its lovely presentation of Indian classical genre in the midst of contemporary orchestration. The interludes are greatly woven with piano touches leading to a passionate electric guitar solo.

Gira Gira Tirige is a funky composition with techno orchestration and mediocre chorus leads to a celebrating track. However, too many layers of instruments and string section makes the track less appealing. While the mellowed section of the track is quite good, the chorus part makes the track paled down.

It is time for a relaxing melody and rightfully it arrives in the form of Madhu Masama sung by the earthly Kunal Ganjawala and Chaitra. Kunal gives his best for this jazzy composition laden with saxophone, piano touches and lovely string section. The interludes present a felicitous atmosphere with optimism. However, it is Kunal’s show all the way with wonderful range in his vocal rendition.

The album enters a finale with a thought provoking track Pudami Odini having meaningful lyrics. The track has a slight de-ja-vu of  “Vinara Vinara” from Mani Ratnam’s Roja in terms of presentation.

Mana Kurralle is a decent attempt to present a feel good, and youthful album to Telugu Audience. With good selection of vocalists and commendable effort in bringing good fusion tracks, the composers are quite successful. However, the album falls short with the commercial punch needed for the conventional Telugu Film goers.

Rating: 3/5

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