Big Challenge for 'Baahubali' Team

By - August 23, 2014 - 11:51 AM IST

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A film is a collective product and it involves the efforts of a group of individuals in front of the camera and behind it. But the face of the cinema is always the actors and actresses so they have to put their best foot forward. This is one reason why the principal cast of the magnum opus Baahubali is facing a challenge.

Well, this is a period film which revolves around warriors, sword fights so it is imperative that the actors need to look physically fit. As a result, the lead actors are maintaining their fitness to the brim by slogging it out at the Gym. They are also expected to have a beard but they can afford to shave because it grows.

However, if muscles are not toned up regularly they will sag so they must continue their fitness throughout till the film is completed. That way, the frontline segment of actors is putting in those extra efforts only for this movie. One should appreciate their commitment and hats off to director Rajamouli’s thoughts as he wants to see a Telugu movie shape up in the range of Hollywood flicks like 300,Troy etc.

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