Temple Look in Prasad Lab

By - August 23, 2014 - 04:14 PM IST

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If you are someone who is part of the Tollywood industry then you would consider the famous Prasad Labs as nothing less than a temple. Some of the most important and significant events related to Telugu cinema happen there. But now, if you go and visit the premises, you will literally think it is a temple.

Wondering why? Well, here is the story. Special settings have been erected inside Prasad Lab compound on the eve of ‘Save Temples’ First International Short Film Festival. A total temple look has been given to Prasad Labs and this is going to be there for the three days the fest is happening.

Not only that, POP models of Gomatha and paintings and Vinyls have been arranged depicting the tradition and sanctity of a temple. So, those who are entering into Prasad Labs now are saying the feeling is like entering inside a temple. On the face of it, Prasad Labs might look like a temple but even after this setting is gone, the cine folks still consider and rever the place with the same devotion.

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