Vishnu showers praises on Him

By - August 25, 2014 - 03:44 PM IST

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Ram Gopal Varma is one man who never agrees to comply with what other’s think of him and prefers break every rule in the book with his films. Though has he has mastered in crime and horror genres, his surfeit for these genres have been ever increasing.

Rain or shine, irrespective of the film’s fate, he’s the one who never takes a back step and goes on in his way like a lone-warrior and nothing deters him. These lines from a popular song best describes him. Naluguriki nachinadi naakasale ika nachaduro….narulevaru nadavanidi aa route lo ne nadichedaroo…. Pogarani andaru anna…adi naa naijam… teguvani kondaru anna adi nalo mannerism…

While critics go on bemoaning over his give a damn attitude, stark facts will be revealed if one takes a keen look into his career.

It’s not just RGV has brought many revolutionary changes in the film making which won him many accolades. He, on the flipside has given a new lease of life for many actors in the industry which fetched him a numberless admirers across the nation. One such ardent admirer is our Tollywood Hero Manchu Vishnu.

Getting into the details, the hero is overwhelmed with joy and pays a huge heart-felt thanks to RGV and has showered heaps of praise on him. While he was happy with his share of hits, something was gnawing him from deep inside, as he had an insatiable appetite for a role that extracts the best out of him and RGV has made his dream come true.

The hero’s statement in an interview: I've had blockbusters like Dhee, Doosukeltha and Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda. But if somebody asks me what are the films that I'm proud of as an actor I would pick Rowdy and Anukshanam over everything else”.

That is RGV, and the impact he leaves is always insurmountable. 
Vishnu-RGV’s Anukshanam happens to be a crime-thriller which is all set to hit the screens in the 2nd week of September.

Let’s wait till then, to watch his thunderbolt performance!


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