Nagarjuna on Manam 100 days

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Yesterday (i.e, Aug 29) was Ganesh Chaturthi and also Nagarjuna’s birthday.

Well, today it is the Akkineni festival as the Akkineni’s memorable multi-starrer Manam completes 100 days today. This first of its kind special was initially scheduled to release on the 31st of May but later got re-scheduled to 23rd of May, 2014. The film released in over 1000 screens worldwide and has opened to a superhit talk right from its first show!

Besides fans and cine-goers, even celebrities flocked at the premier show to watch the film and they felt it as an honor to have watched the film. The entire world of critics has sung a single tune that day and could not help laud the film and acknowledge its magic!

However, on the eve of Manam completing 100 days, Nagarjuna made an emotional tweet which reads -

#ANRlivesON 100days of MANAM/feeling emotional and missing Amma & nana terribly/thank you my friends for giving father a glorious inning:)”

This is was a heart tugging tweet from Nag. Anyhow, it is the time to rejoice and as icing on the cake, the US postal department has approved the ANR Postal stamp and this is indeed a rare honor for any Telugu film personality in America. Be it the ANR last movie factor or the beauty of the film or other factors, the movie shall be etched as a memorable film in the history of Telugu cinema.

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