Tribute To The Greatest Artistic Director

By - August 31, 2014 - 08:30 PM IST

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Words yearn to fall in between his fingers to get better..

Pictures dream of getting into his sketch strokes..

Whether it is writing or drawing.. Telugu Tradition blooms like a flower and shines like the moonlight on The River Godavari..

But the legendary gentleman does everything needed and then observed silence saying what else I can do!

Now, he reached the state of permanent silence and left his colors, paint brushes, drawing papers, and cinema fans in extreme sadness.

Bapu garu had a business and law degree. But he did not get into business or practice law. He started drawing, which is totally contrasting to his degree. He later got into motion pictures! Whatever he did, it was unique and individualistic. He got various admirers who fell in love with his work. There are poets, experts, story writers, educated people and most importantly common audience who fall into this category!

Many writers used to dream that Bapu has to draw a cover page for their book, and readers used to wait for his sketches in books to be released. After leaving publishing and venturing into Telugu Cinema, a new section of fans joined the already existing fans for Bapu.

There are two types of individuals. While the first category take the ideas of audience into account, the second category teach new tastes to the audience. Bapu garu belongs to the second category.  He showed new ideas and introduced his world of drawing and Art to the audience. This did not end with one or two years but spanned from 1967 till 2011. It also extended to small screen in the form of Bhagavatam for the audience’s delight. There are admirers who admire and cherish his sketches and works always. Various sections of the audience waited to watch his films- irrespective of whether it is a mythological epic or a social drama- right from Sakshi to Sri Rama Rajyam. Whichever actor played in Bapu’s films used to blend into his way of perception so believably and effortlessly. Right from Krishna in Sakshi as Ballakattu Kittappa to Balakrishna who played Lord Rama in Sri Rama Rajyam- this was proved evident. It is needless to tell about veteran actors like Rao Gopala Rao or Rajendra Prasad who were at their best in Bapu’s films.

Vanisri was showcased in a completely unique manner though she acted only in one film under Bapu’s direction- Gorantha Deepam. Bapu’s taste in music can be clearly seen in phenomenal songs shown in all his films. It would be a huge book to write about the combination of Bapu and veteran music director K.V.Mahadevan.

Now, the legendary human being Bapu has left this world to join his all time best friend Mullapudi Ramana. Though he is not physically present among us, the memories he left for us can be cherished forever.

iQlikmovies.com pays a heartfelt tribute to the multifaceted and humble personality..

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