How is TV Lucrative Than Films?

By - September 05, 2014 - 12:09 AM IST

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The divide between the silver screen and small screen industries is quite distinct and generally the cine circuit is considered more fetching than TV circuit. But times have changed and here is an exclusive inside report from iQlik which was given by a close source in TV industry. The new age Sutra is, working in TV serials are more lucrative than films.

Few reasons why serials are better is, they have assured income. Secondly, there is no loss for producers because it is funded by the TV channels. The TV channels fund the episodes based on their revenues. If TRP increases funding also increases. On an average, per episode it costs around 50k-60k with good quality.

The channel gives a budget of around 70k-80k so producer has the scope to earn around 10k to 20k per episode. Even if the serial comes five days a week then one can do the math on how much the producer can save. Meanwhile, an ordinary artist gets 6k per day for working in the serial.

If he has star value then it can go up to 70k-80k per day. Since it is a daily serial they run for nearly two or three years so there is no fear of income. 

The scene is totally opposite in cinema where the chances for losses are high and ROI (Return Of Investment) is very tough. It is more like a gamble whereas TV is secure.

There has been a perception that getting branded as a TV artiste kills the opportunities in films. But it is proven that TV industry is more secured than cinema. With boom in private channels, there is no dearth for opportunities. For that matter, the studios are having parking issue because every TV artist has now got a four wheeler, unlike many known film artistes. That’s the story!