Brahmi gets a call from a Tamil Star

By - September 06, 2014 - 01:06 PM IST

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Our very own Comedy Superstar Brahmanandam alias Brahmi has myriad fans. On a frank note, in today’s Telugu cinema, he is 'one of the heroes' and in some films undoubtedly, he is the hero! One Brahmi episode in the film can in fact change the report of the film. It is a known fact that he is the most paid actor in the industry today.

Of course, his following has no boundaries and many star directors vie for him. But interestingly, a star Tamil director has called him personally and requested him to play a full length character in his films, according to sources.

Going into the details, star director Shankar who was in the city for Aagadu audio launch has apparently called Brahmanandam after the ceremony and expressed his admiration for Brahmi. Shankar said that even his family members are huge fans of Brahmi and they would enjoy his comedy in spite of not knowing the language also. All said, he requested Brahmi to do a full-fledged character in his upcoming film.

Well, he did not reveal any details of the upcoming project but as of now, Brahmi giving a full-length feast in Shankar’s film looks pretty much imminent.

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