Boyapati In A Fix

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After scoring a hit with Simha, the expectations and hype that surrounded director Boyapati Srinu was beyond words. But all that came crashing to the ground and Boyapati had a bitter dose of reality when his next venture Dammu became a colossal disaster. But that didn’t break him.

He remained strong and bounced back with vengeance by scoring a hit through ‘Legend’. However, sources say the action packed director is currently in a fix. Well, if Boyapati should make a movie the budget must be minimum Rs 30 crores. It is known that his next project is with Bellamkonda Sreenivas, son of producer Bellamkonda Suresh.

The filmnagar circles are stating it has to be seen how Bellamkonda Suresh will do the funding as he suffered huge losses through the flops of his recent two films. Talk is that Bellamkonda is going through a financial crunch. If he has to prove all his detractors wrong then he has to come up with an announcement about the project and take off with the shoot as soon as possible. We have to see when he will do that. Till such time, Boyapati will be in a fix. 

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