Bitter Experience For Roja

By - September 13, 2014 - 12:03 PM IST

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Yesteryear glamor queen turned politician Roja had to face a really bitter experience in her own MLA constituency Nagari of Chittoor disrict, AP. Roja has always been known for her courage and speaking her mind as a politician but sadly, she was injured in a squabble between her YSCRCP party members and TDP members. 

The main reason for the squabble has been the protocol differences regarding a "Jaatara" which happens annually in the town. Roja happened to intervene and pacify the two parties but as the squabble intensified, Roja's bangles broke and her arm was injured badly. The helpless MLA was seen leaving the place in tears.

Let us hope for her speedy recovery!

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