SIIMA: An Ultimate Extravaganza

By - September 16, 2014 - 12:19 PM IST

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It is more than two days since the South India International Movie Awards (SIIMA) has ended up but the hangover seems to be so strong that almost everyone in filmnagar are still discussing about it. The event started in a grand style and ended with the same magnitude.

Each year it is getting better and bigger. Last year it was held in Sharjah and got an overwhelming response. This year, the venue shifted to Malaysia and became a government hosted event. As a result, every guest got personal attention with top quality treatment. Even the sponsors are very happy.

Sources say next year the organizers are planning to conduct it in USA and preparations have already begun. It is not easy to conduct such an event in USA around September time. Usually events take place in summer and not much during the Fall season. But if SIIMA does happen around that time in the US, then all will have their focus and it will be an ultimate extravaganza.

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