Rajamouli Vs Shankar Talk In Tollywood

By - September 19, 2014 - 03:41 PM IST

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Whenever two star directors come up with a magnum opus, it is natural that a comparison takes place between both. This season, the focus is on two men who are known for their impeccable track record and big impact at the box office. They are the duo of S S Rajamouli and Shankar respectively. 

Currently, Rajamouli is creating hype with his movie Baahubali while Shankar is preparing to arrive with his venture I. The filmnagar circles and many cine buffs are debating on who among the two is a better filmmaker. The overall conclusion is that Rajamouli is a grade higher than Shankar.

The reason being, Rajamouli is a filmmaker who excels in generating the human emotion, drama peak and intensity in his subject. As for Shankar, his movies are heavy in grandeur, hype and style than substance. Some of them say what Hollywood made thirty years ago Shankar is making now. What do you say? 

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