Short Film Makers Attack Film Office

By - September 23, 2014 - 12:01 PM IST

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If you are an aspiring filmmaker you should have known by now that the days of carrying a script and visiting production houses is history. These days, it is all about coming up with a short film, uploading it in Youtube and using that as the credential to bag film offers. However, the competition in that has also increased.

As a result, many short filmmakers seem to have taken a decision. It is heard that everyday many short filmmakers are flooding one film office. This belongs to Ram Gopal Varma. They are saying that they have excellent concepts and would like to be a part of the Ice Cream series that Ramu has embarked upon.

Given their enthusiasm and passion, even RGV is obliging them and it is heard that his team is doing the screening process of the stories and whatever is appealing is being taken to the next level where Ramu is involving. This is proving to be a big boon for the aspirants so if you are one among them you know which door to knock now. 

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