Nagarjuna Should Be Ambassador For S-Power

By - September 27, 2014 - 01:01 PM IST

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The moment you think of hero Nagarjuna what comes into your mind? We are guessing you would say he is a fashion icon with very nice taste of fashion, perfect man, a lady killer and a suave sophisticated gentleman. While all that is one side, a new demand is raising that the King should be something else.

Well, many say Nag should now become the brand ambassador for solar power. It is heard that his entire home runs on solar power. Though the setup is somewhat expensive, the solar power methodology proves to be a beneficial investment on a long term basis. And if someone like Nag advocates it, the interest element will be there.

In the past, Nag took initiative for the erstwhile government and spoke quite a bit about their projects. So, some of them are stating that if he can also take some time and educate all on the advantages of solar power, it would be a great initiative. Given the fact that the state of Telangana is foreseeing a major power crisis in the coming time, this is the best alternative and the best man to promote it.