Who is the Tollywood 'Social' Queen?

By - September 29, 2014 - 04:16 PM IST

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Someone said “Why should boys have all the fun?”

Well, that is true and today even we felt the same. It has always been about who is Tollywood’s No.1 Hero and why again today?

And as Mahesh Babu said “Aaj Kuch Toofani kare”, we thought if not some “toofani” we shall at least do something different. So, we set out to find who is the “Social Queen” of Tollywood?

Out of numeours talented and celestial beauties in Tollywood, who has the most prominent presence in social media or simply who has the biggest following in Twitter and Facebook?

In our observation, we found out that not many had a significant presence in both the leading social media platforms - FB and Twitter. But on a keen observation, we found that Kajal is the Queen of Facebook with her official page adorning about 13 Million* Likes. On the other hand, Shruti Haasan is the Twitter Queen with around 1.39 Million* followers.

However, Kajal is lagging behind her contemporaries in Twitter (128K i.e, 1.2 lakh followers) and Shruti is closely following Kajal on FB with about 9 Million* Likes. There are many other heroines who are active in only forum either FB/Twitter and there are some others who are neither into FB nor Twitter.  

Who is where?*

Heroine FB Twitter
Kajal 13M
Samantha No Official Page 739K
Tamannaah 5.4M 96.5K
Anushka 6.9M No Official Presence
Shruti Haasan
9M 1.39M
Rakul Preet 2.2M 34.7K
Regina 750K 31.3K
Pranitha 2.2M 56.5K
Hansika 2.7M 751K

In today’s world, every hero/heroine needs social presence to stay in regular touch with their fans. And ultimately it is the Success factor that decides anyone’s following in these platforms. Let's see who is going to rule the roost now!

[*All the figures furnished in this article are figures dated 29.10.14 and are subjected to further changes.]

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