Beautiful Enemies Turned Friends??

By - September 30, 2014 - 03:37 PM IST

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They say that two women can never be good friends and in a competitive arena like the film industry, it is next to impossible. The innings of a heroine is small and given the demand, there is always a rat race between the beauties which leads to a lot of rivalry and ego clashes.

Many times, the films which have two heroines go through a bumpy ride while shooting trying to strike a balance between the two. However, there are also those who prove to be an exception. The example to quote is that of Tamannah and Shruti Haasan. Both are sensational beauties who have established themselves very strongly as star heroines.

The Gossip mills from the media have frequently written that both are enemies and at one point, it was also rumored that if Tammu is in a film then Shruti will not even go that side and vice-versa. But all that seems to be a hoax as the duo was spotted together recently and chatting away to glory. Looking at this, some said they were enemies and became friends and some said media only created this grapevine. Only Tammu and Shruti know the truth.