Yesudas Behind Murali Mohan

By - October 03, 2014 - 08:13 AM IST

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Reading the headline might make you speculate that maybe the legendary singer Yesudas is teaming up with the veteran actor Murali Mohan for a venture. No, this is purely personal. If you recall, sometime ago Murali Mohan had to face the heat when he commented on the dressing of women when they come outside.

After a while it got cooled but now the fairer sex has flared up once again. This time, their target is Yesudas. Sharing his thoughts during the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations, Yesudas raised objection to the jeans worn by girls and asserted that what should be covered must be covered. The reaction to that is expected.

Sparks are flying all over among the women organizations and feminist entities as to how such a highly respected person can say that. Keeping aside the topic of whether what Yesudas said was right or wrong, one thing is very clear. The legendary singer will face the music, just like how Murali Mohan did, for a while.