Krishna Vamsi In Nagarjuna's Way

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Tollywood has got many talented directors and each has his own signature style. But there are those rare blend of directors who are not only liked but highly respected for their skills and approach towards life. One such person is Krishna Vamsi and this creative genius is currently on a bounce back mode.

Some of the filmnagar analysts say KV is going Nagarjuna’s way. At one point of time, the career graph of Nag was dipping with a string of flops. But today, he bounced back with a big hit ‘Manam’ and hit the final nail in the coffin by scoring blockbuster with his TV show ‘Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu’.

Nag has reached a stage wherein he is taking remunerations on par with young heroes. Akin to that, many thought even Krishna Vamsi is done and dusted but with ‘GAV’ he has shown that he still has a lot of juice in him. His ability to capture emotions and develop intensity with his screenplay is unmatched. Above all, the visual delight and colorful appeal he gives to the screen is a treat to the eyes. Now that Krishna Vamsi is back with ‘GAV’ let us wish he comes with more entertainers in the future.

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