B'day Spl: Lakshmi Manchu's Video Coming Up

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We know what you are thinking. What is so special about a video of Lakshmi Manchu? Well, this video is not one of those regular stuffs you see. To give you the details, today is Lakshmi Manchu’s birthday. On that eve a short film is going to be released which revolves around her completely.

It is titled as A Day In The Life Of Lakshmi Manchu’s Feet and as you can gather from the title, the entire short film will focus on nothing but the feet of Manchu beauty. This is going to be released at midnight today and the duration of this short film is two and half minutes.

This might start poking you on who will get that crazy thought of making a film on Lakshmi’s feet. Only one man has such imagination. He is none other than Ram Gopal Varma. Well, the eccentric genius shares a very good rapport with the Manchu fraternity and some say this is more like RGV’s birthday gift to Lakshmi Manchu. Let us see how the audience is going to receive this.

Anyhow, wishing Manchu Lakshmi a very Happy Birthday!

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