Shiva Re-release muhurtham fixed?

By - October 07, 2014 - 11:05 PM IST

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The Telugu film industry has seen many films which became milestones and created new benchmarks for the members of the film fraternity. But one film has stood apart creating an era before and after it. Yes, we are talking about the cult blockbuster Shiva and now the time has come to revisit this film again.

It is exactly 25 years ago on October 5… the film hit the theatres and created a revolution. In mark of that, a special documentary is made which is a compilation of some interesting and unknown secrets happened during the making of Shiva and those priceless experiences of the people related to Shiva.

The documentary was screened today at 7 PM in Annapurna 7acres happen Press Hall amidst the presence of Nagarjuna, Ram Gopal Varma and all those who were part of the film. Now, the news is that Shiva is gearing up for a grand re-release. The film’s video has been digitalized and currently work regarding the sound processing is under progress.

The film’s upgrading process is expected to be done shortly and Shiva shall be re-released over 100 screens soon after the release of Oka Laila Kosam. Well, if Shiva arrives once again, it will create a major frenzy among the youth and also among the thirty plus audience.

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