O Sthree Repu Raa Poster Surprises All

By - October 11, 2014 - 07:58 PM IST

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Going by the poster above, if you think it is an upcoming feature film, let us tell you this is just a Short Film.

For all those who down look upon a short film, this film is believed to break their misconceptions and myths. Well this is an Independent Short film O Sthree Repu Ra directed by Ashok Reddy. Going by the poster, one might presume that this is just any other love story but when we quizzed about the film, we were told that it is a Horror short film based on real life incidents in the region of Rayalseema (AP).

The recently released trailer has garnered a good number of hits beyond expectations. Well, the director Ashok Reddy is a budding filmmaker and has previously made short films like Jaini and 3 Plus 4 Plus. This MBA graduate is toiling hard and is splurging out to realize his big dreams of filmmaking.

“My aim is to revolutionize the standards of short film making and erase the membrane between short and feature films” said Ashok Reddy.

The makers are even planning for a grand audio release in November. Well, Ashok and O Sthree Repu Ra are full of surprises for sure!

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