BVS Ravi to lose his driving license?

By - October 11, 2014 - 12:41 PM IST

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Traffic police are getting ready to implement strong rules on drunk and drive cases in India. Few months back a proposal to cancel driving license for people who are caught in drunk and drive cases has been put forwarded to the RTI department. Now Hyderabad Traffic Police has submitted a list of people whose driving licenses need to be canceled to the RTI officials. And Tollywood writer turned director BVS Ravi has been also short listed to lose his driving license.
BVS Ravi was first caught by traffic police under charges of drunk and drive in April, 2014, where he has paid Rs 2000 as fine and counseling was given to him. He was convicted for the second time in September, 2014 by the Hyderabad Traffic Police wherein he was relieved with a minimal fine and counseling. Electronic media made huge hungama with repeated scrollings about BVS Ravi getting caught for drunk and drive incident. 
According to new rules by traffic officials, BVS Ravi used his two valuable chances and he is now at the verge of losing his driving license after being caught very recently. According to our latest reports, apparently directives have also been issued for the cancellation of his license.
Let's wait and watch if BVS Ravi will be the first victim of the new rules of traffic police and lose his driving license.

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