RGV's Love For Sridevi On Screen

By - October 14, 2014 - 02:53 PM IST

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Love stories and affairs between actors is quite common and then there are also times when cupid strikes between directors and heroines as well. But there is one relationship which has never gone into the minds of many. This is the love story of the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma with the eternal diva Sridevi.

From many decades, RGV has declared that Sridevi is nothing short of a Goddess for him and showed no inhibitions on his admiration for her. Now, both are at loggerheads because RGV titled his new movie as ‘Sridevi’ and got legal notice from Sridevi on this. It has triggered a new talk among many in the cine circles.

Recently, for one of the episodes of the TV show Soundarya Lahari, its host K Raghavendra Rao interviewed RGV and Sridevi. Some interesting things happened in that episode, as per sources. Now that both are fighting legally many feel if this comes in ETV now the timing will be good and it would generate more interest. Well, this strengthens the cine industry sutra that negative publicity is also good publicity for celebrities.

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