Hot Debate over RGV's Hudhud Tweets

By - October 15, 2014 - 05:59 PM IST

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“Wherever you go, our Network follows”

And whenever Ram Gopal Varma tweets, Controversy follows!

The entire state is so moved by the pathetic state of Vizag. From celebrities to common man, everyone is posting/tweeting/discussing about it and even donating their best to the relief fund. At this juncture, controversial filmmaker RGV’s tweets have stirred the hornet’s nest once again. Talking over the terrible natural calamity, RGV tweeted -

“Can't believe the devastation in vizag...I am shocked to see the images!
Really appreciate the precautions taken by the authorities to minimise loss of life
I can't believe that everybody in Vizag is a sinner that he wanted to punish everybody...but ofcourse God knws bettr and I am jst a commoner”

But one tweet really irked some of his followers. It reads –

“Am shocked tht stars who hav100s of crores frm people r gvng jst a few lakhs to vizag..Thy r gvng lots of love n prayers bcos they are free”

Now a heated debate is going on in Social media with some supporting RGV and some questioning his contribution towards the Hudhud Relief Fund. RGV hasn’t officially announced his contribution to the Hudhud Relief yet. Let’s wait and see if he is going to announce at all!

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