Comedian's Sorry To Rebel Star

By - October 20, 2014 - 04:21 PM IST

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If you line up the key industries in our daily world, the sensitivity quotient is extremely high in the entertainment industry. This is because it deals with people, emotions, feelings and sentiments. And in a circuit like Tollywood where stars are worshipped like demigods, the precaution has to be more.

However, there are times when few people jump the gun and something like that happened recently. An upcoming comedian Harish Koyelagundla is now part of the happening comedy show Jabardasth. In one episode, he came up with a skit which actually took a dig at young rebel star Prabhas.

As expected, it backfired big time and Harish received brickbats from many corners. Realizing the blunder, Harish has offered an open apology to Prabhas and his fans. Even that skit would not be uploaded on Youtube due to many requests. All eyes are now on Prabhas to see how he would react when he sees Harish somewhere. 

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