Actress Wants Sound Proof Diwali

By - October 21, 2014 - 03:06 PM IST

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The festival of Diwali is fast approaching and all are gearing up for it with excitement. But at the same time, there are also those who prefer to celebrate it in a way that will not affect the surroundings or the environment. Most of them are film celebrities who have their perspective on this festival.

Now, one actress who has made a plea to all her fans and followers is Sneha Ullal. This cat eyed beauty has requested to celebrate Diwali by not burning crackers and keep it a noise-free Diwali. Apparently, her concern is for the pets and domestic animals who get very scared due to the noises.

From a long time, Sneha Ullal has been vocal about her concern towards animals and pets. Her intent for a sound proof Diwali is being hailed by her friends and followers. Something similar was also expressed by another beauty Hansika. She has decided to spend her Diwali with orphan kids. Way to go girls!

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