Big Festival Before Christmas 2014

By - October 24, 2014 - 09:37 AM IST

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India is perhaps the only country in the entire world which has got so many festivals to celebrate. Given its diverse cultures and communities, it is expected. But apart from the religious beliefs, there are also another set of festivals which are celebrated. This is in the form of cinema.

Yes, the adulation towards cinema by Indians is beyond words. So, whenever a big star is coming up with a film, it is as good as a festival. This year, a big fest is going to happen before Christmas. This is in the form of the new movie PK starring Aamir Khan and it is releasing worldwide on December 19th.
The hopes and interest on this film have risen with the latest teaser released on the eve of Diwali. The brand value of filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani along with the craze for Aamir Khan is weaving the magic. With first poster itself, the required attention was grabbed and now the teaser is doing the needful.  Many are saying there is something mysterious about this film so they are curious to know what it is. Let us wait for the release day then.

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