Troy Vs Baahubali: Battle Talk

By - October 24, 2014 - 10:12 PM IST

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It is always a treat to the eyes when you see some really breathtaking battle sequences onscreen. But for the filmmakers, it is the biggest challenge ever. Battles don’t have any link with language so any video related to it will always have huge demand. In lieu of that, comparisons have begun between two films.

They are the magnum opus Baahubali and the Hollywood epic Troy. The talk is that if Baahubali battle comes with international standards then it would surely remind us of Troy. For conceiving a battle sequence, it is not the technique, it is the content that matters. The way the battle is to be designed is the challenge for fight masters.

So, if Rajamouli does it with his own design for Baahubali instead of getting inspired from any foreign movies that would be excellent. Inside sources say Rajamouli is actually doing it that way. He has taken Telugu movie to a different level and is trying to getting it an international recognition. Many feel with Baahubali he is going to achieve that. Let us see if this gets better than ‘Troy’ or not.

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