Has Rajamouli Come To Dead End?

By - October 25, 2014 - 07:35 PM IST

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There are no two words when we say that the number one director in Tollywood is S S Rajamouli and it has been him from the past decade. With no flop in his kitty, Rajamouli is elevating himself and his films with every project and setting a new benchmark. But all this is giving rise to another speculation. 

The big question mark among many critics and observers is, Is Rajamouli reaching the dead end mark? The discussion has been on since a while but here is some more insight. When Magadheera came that’s how many thought. But Rajamouli went low and made Maryada Ramanna.

When many were wondering what he will come up with, Eega happened. Even this was an unexpected surprise as nobody expected a housefly to be a hero. Now, Rajamouli has taken up Baahubali with a Rs 150 crore budget. What next is the question. But as we can notice, Rajamouli bends his knees a bit before he jumps high. So, quite possibly he might come up with a small segment cinema and again he will take off. This is a rare graph but that’s what keeps this tough taskmaster ahead of everyone. Way to go Rajamouli!

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