Tollywood Sutra: Increase Pace To Find Peace

By - October 28, 2014 - 04:05 PM IST

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The business dynamics of Tollywood runs primarily on the small and medium budget flicks because they form the majority of films being made. However, the success rate has been quite dismal. So now, some of the experts are giving few inputs on how these films are to be made to ensure earnings.

They say “More movies should be made with less budgets and they should not expect large returns. The key here is, time should not be wasted. Planning must be done in such a way that for just Rs 1 crore, the first copy should come out. Anything above that means it is a risk zone.”

They add “These films should be made on a cost to cost basis but since the returns are not high the filmmakers should focus on coming up with three to four films per year and the more pace they put in, the better peace they would get.” Let us hope this sutra is followed religiously and that would really transform the economics of Tollywood.  

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