Jada Tribute To Bapu-Ramana

By - October 29, 2014 - 05:22 PM IST

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As a man, the biggest appealing point for him in a woman would be her eyes, her smile, her waist etc. But for someone who relishes beauty, a woman with long hair will always steal hearts. This is more so the belief of the great duo Bapu-Ramana who described the essence of a woman’s beauty through her mane.

Now, a fitting tribute has been given to them. A book launch has happened and it is titled as ‘Jada'. This comprises of 101 poems written by a group of 35 poets. A compilation of 100 poems is called ‘Sathakam’ but together they came up with 101 poems which is first of its kind in Telugu literature. They have dedicated this book to the duo of Bapu-Ramana.

Bapu-Ramana have defined the elegance and beauty of Jada in many of their films and in Radha Gopalam a song is also there. This is considered the reflection of a Telugu woman’s beauty. Now, the man behind this ‘Jada’ initiative is the famous writer BNIM. The event comprised of biggies like Tanikella Bharani, R P Patnaik. Shanta biotech MD Vara Prasad Reddy was the chief guest. Another highlight is the beautiful anchors Suma and Jhansi came with long hair. The venue for the event was Sunshine hospital auditorium and it was an evening to remember.

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