I adore those two alot: Karthikeya Director Chandoo Mondeti

By - October 29, 2014 - 12:53 PM IST

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Chandoo Mondeti has got the big breakthrough as an assistant director for Sudheer Varma’s Swamy Raa Raa which released last year. The film was appreciated for its fresh presentation and content. He turned director with his first debut venture Karthikeya starring the hit pair Nikhil and 'Colors' Swathi in the lead. The film has been running successfully and on that occasion here is an exclusive interview with the director:

Hello Chandoo..congratulations on the success of you debut film!
(Smiles)Thanks a lot!

How is the response for Karthikeya?
It has been exceptionally good. I understood that a small film can be also received greatly by the audience. Even during weekdays its drawing house full crowds and it is a moment of pride for me to see it.

Were you tensed before the film’s release?
(Smiles) Yes of course. Like every other debut director, even I’ve gone through that pre-release tension. But I had confidence about the content in the film. I told some new points in the film and was worried how audience will react! But I’m delighted at the response.

Tell us about your journey in Telugu Film Industry…
I worked as an assistant director for Yuvatha and Solo. In fact, I know Nikhil since Yuvatha days. I, Nikhil and Sudheer Varma began our careers together with a film which was never released. But our friendship continues till date.

How did the story of Karthikeya come up?
I wrote this story during Swami Raa Raa shooting. I immediately narrated the story to Nikhil. He readily agreed for the script and that’s how Karthikeya started.

What was the motivation behind choosing an unconventional story like Karthikeya?
Usually we read many stories in newspapers which are interesting and peculiar. However, we just read them and forget. But if a hero gets curious about one such incident, how would it be? This was the main motivation behind penning the story of Karthikeya.

Many people saying climax of Karthikeya could have been better. Your comment?
I also felt the same way. But after days passed by, people said the climax is ideal for this film. They supported my idea. We could complete the film well before the schedule in 50 days.  

What is the reason behind casting Swathi as the female lead. Was it because Nikhil-Swathi hit combination factor?
Not like that! We tried many other heroines but then we eventually chose Swathi. She speaks Telugu well and I never faced any problem in filming with her.

About your background…
I studied Engineering. People at home were worried when I said I want to be a filmmaker. But now they are okay with it! (Smiles)

What was your goal before entering film industry?
I wanted to meet Nagarjuna before entering films. From there, I started as assistant director and now became director with Karthikeya!

Do you have any directors whom you consider to be an inspiration?
Rajamouli and Sukumar! I adore both of them. Both of them have a different style. While one is commercial other is creative. Coming to myself, I strive to change my genre of films with each movie.

Do you believe in mythology, and supernatural things such as shown in Karthikeya?
I do. I am a god fearing person and believe that a super natural power is well ahead of us.

How true is the news of Karthikeya being remade in Hindi?
Yes. Will let you know about the details soon.

Your upcoming projects…
I have few stories already. I will have to search for the ideal hero who would suit the subject.  But I can assure you that my next film won’t be in the same genre.

Thank you and wish you the best for future projects!
Thank you very much! (Smiles)

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