Big Silent Killer Film

By - October 30, 2014 - 01:51 PM IST

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Call it a mandatory norm or something inevitable, whenever a big budget flick is on the anvil, the amount of hype and hungama that is created is not ordinary. However, one magnum opus is currently underway in Tollywood and the surprise is, it is happening in a rather silent manner without much ado. 

We are talking about the film Rudrama Devi 3D and many feel it is not doing as much noise as required. On and off, there is a little buzz. Few months ago, one look of the title player Anushka came out and just recently, it was the picture of Allu Arjun as Gona Ganna Reddy.

Actually, every character is important in Rudrama Devi 3D so an introduction can be given to each of them like how S S Rajamouli is doing for Baahubali. This would generate good frequency and familiarity with the audience. But director and producer Gunasekhar is keeping silence. Maybe he is looking to come with a big bang and become a silent killer at the box office. 

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