1st Small Film To Cross Rs 10 Cr Mark

By - November 01, 2014 - 01:54 PM IST

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If you want to experience the worst nightmares in your life then you have to become a small budget filmmaker either as a director or producer. The situation is pathetic in the entertainment industry especially in Tollywood wherein completing a film is one challenge and a bigger challenge is to get it into required theatres.

Above all this, the film needs to make enough money for the investors to feel happy. Amidst such dire straits, one film has become the lighthouse for confidence and hope. We are talking about the recent release Karthikeya and news is that this has become the first small film in recent times to breach the Rs 10 crores mark.

For big movies 100 crores is the magic figure in Bollywood and Tollywood. And for small movies, Rs 10 crores is like an excellent milestone. Even the film’s hero Nikhil has shared his excitement on his Twitter account and this is his second consecutive hit after his last venture Swamy Rara. This is indeed a great boost for other small filmmakers.