Hot Sensation From Unreleased Film

By - November 01, 2014 - 05:02 PM IST

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The trigger points that generally attract you to go to a theatre and watch a film is the hero and especially the heroine. For a certain set of audiences, it is about the glamour quotient and sex appeal in the movie. True to that, a long wait is happening for a film which has been stuck for ages.

The reason for that is the hot sensation in that film. We are talking about the movie Jenda Pai Kapiraju starring the natural talent Nani and the doe eyed beauty Amala Paul. But the tempting factor is not these two. There is another starlet. She is the ravishing Sandalwood seductress Ragini Dwivedi.

Though the film has not come, the stills of Ragini in the film are very hot and stimulated the public in a large way. They are eagerly waiting for the film’s release after looking at those stills. Ragini is a very big name in Sandalwood and she is considered the hottest sex symbol for the Kannada audience. Let us wish Jenda Pai Kapiraju comes soon and quenches the thirst of Telugu audience too.