Brahmaji's Creativity Brings Laughs

By - November 06, 2014 - 09:31 AM IST

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Actors are of two types, those who are total entertainers onscreen but a completely contrasting person off the screen and those who are entertainers both on and off the screen. The second category of actors is often loved by one and all. They also earn some genuine fan following from the people. 

In that, actor Brahmaji is one person who has a quirky sense of humor onscreen and off it too. Those who know Brahmaji in filmnagar have often complimented his wits. This time, his creativity brought laughs to none other than the lovely smile beauty Samantha. All this was witnessed on the Twitter platform.

Apparently, Brahmaji came up with a tweet to Samantha like this – ‘ Am following you... Please don't show Cheppulu.;’. He attached a picture of a bus which had Sam promoting a slipper brand and his vehicle was right behind the bus.  

For this, Samantha reacted like this – 'ha ha hugs

Not only Sam, even those who watched Brahmaji’s tweet could not help laughing and said this is a creative and entertaining way to impress a beautiful girl. 

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