Will Brahmi magic work?

By - November 06, 2014 - 04:57 PM IST

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Brahmanandam is not considered as just a side character or only a comedy character in films these days but he indeed turned a second hero. Brahmi is single handedly carrying the entire film on his shoulder and upcoming heroes are deliberately leaving major screen run-time to him. Race Gurram is the best example what magic can Brahmi make on silver screen and help in increasing box office collections!

This week Allari Naresh’s Brother of Bommali and Sundeep Kishan’s Joru are releasing, where Brahmi will be seen playing key roles. Brahmi is playing 'Kona Venkat' character in Brother of Bommali and PK character in Joru movie. Both the characters are full length, entertaining and considered as USPs for respective movies. But the big question here is - will Brahmi comedy workout in both films?

Let’s wait till the 7th of Nov (tomorrow) to know whether it’s Kona Venakt or PK role of Brahmi, that helped the young heroes!

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