Rajinikanth's Advantage With HudHud Donation

By - November 08, 2014 - 05:09 PM IST

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‘While natural disasters capture headlines and national attention short-term, the work of recovery and rebuilding is long-term.’ These are the words from the famous Sylvia Matthews Burwell and it must be said that the people of Vizag and some parts of north Andhra would agree with it completely.

The havoc that the cyclone Hudhud created in that region goes beyond bounds and the relief measures are continuing. As part of that, many from Tollywood came forward and contributed donations. It is here that superstar Rajinkanth seems to be having a fringe benefit.

Well, there is a talk making rounds stating ‘All heroes are donating, did Rajini donate?’. The common answer for this is “He must have given but he doesn’t talk about it, he strongly believes in being a secret benefactor.”  That is the biggest advantage for Rajini’s image. Whether he gives or not, public strongly believes he has already given. Only Rajini knows the truth. 

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