Mahesh Babu Has No Privacy Even There

By - November 12, 2014 - 12:28 PM IST

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You might be wondering that the life of a superstar is quite fancy and it has a lot of fame and recognition. But remember that the biggest setback for that would be your end of privacy. Anything you do and say will be accounted for and at the same time, you cannot even take a walk on the road outside your home.

This is something superstar Mahesh Babu knows very well so he thought that he might find some relief if he goes outside the state. As a result, Mahesh went to Pune for the shooting of his new movie with writer/director Koratala Siva. However, his plans got spoiled there as well.

Reports from Pune reveal even there also crowds are coming to catch a glimpse of Mahesh and the news spread like wildfire among the local Telugus and south Indians. Some are also taking that extra step to see if they can get a selfie with Mahesh but in all this, our star hero is reportedly finding it difficult to have some time of his own. 

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