Pawan Kalyan's Mahayogi Act

By - November 13, 2014 - 02:16 PM IST

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A famous Sanskrit maxim goes ‘Eka Bhukte Maha Yogi, Dvibhukte Maha Bhogi, Tribhukte Maha Rogi’ which means you eat once a day you are a Maha Yogi, you eat twice a day you become a Maha Bhogi and if you eat thrice a day you become a Maha Rogi. This is a dictum used to have a good and disciplined diet.

In that context, those who know power star Pawan Kalyan closely say he is following the regime of a Maha Yogi. Well, it is heard that Pawan has food only once in a day and the rest of the times, he has fruits, liquid diet and other natural stuff. Not only that, he also does workout and focuses more on his martial arts.

That is his lifestyle when it comes to diet. This is also the reason why though he is 40 plus he still looks fit and there are no signs of ageing. During other times when Pawan is not shooting, he would spend it reading books or gardening. Given his stature and stardom, he is someone who leads a very down to earth life.

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