Advantage For Harish Shankar Now

By - November 15, 2014 - 05:18 PM IST

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Success and fame is like a dotcom bubble that can burst at any moment. This is more in vogue at the film industry and even if you are a director with a range of hits, all it takes is one flop that can bring you down to ground. This is something director Harish Shankar has personally experienced.

When he came up with Gabbar Singh, Harish was touted as the finest and most tangible filmmaker Tollywood has ever seen. But it was the outcome of his next Ramayya Vastavayya which gave him the bitter dose of reality. Harish went into a shell after that and has been working with vengeance to bounce back.

Now, he has got an advantage. Apparently, Harish’s new movie is Subramaniam For Sale and this has Sai Dharam Tej as the hero. This young lad has arrived with the film Pilla Nuvu Leni Jeevitham which has got a decent start. This would set a positive precedence for Harish’s movie and it remains to be seen how this angry faced director would take advantage of this advantage.