Gaddam Gang Audio Review-An Adventurous Jazzy Tour

By - November 16, 2014 - 11:08 PM IST

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Gaddam Gang is an upcoming entertainer starring Rajasekhar and Sheena in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Atchu and here is an exclusive audio review of the album:

The interesting album begins with My Dear Sweety with laid back modern jazz and impressive sequencing. The song is composed by Atchu himself with funkiness and peppiness blended in good balance. The modern jazz flavor blended with Indian melody is enjoyable to hear in every respect!

In contrast with the relaxed beginnings, it is time for a retro rock composition Vastava Vaddantava in the midst of thumping guitar and gripping vocals by Deva. Thought provoking lyrics by Baladitya is another asset for this peculiar composition. The retro rock flavor is excellently put to execution.

Kasu Cashu Dabbu is a massy composition which evokes thought as well as peppiness at the same time. The impressive sequencing and bass work acts like a brilliant signpost for this track. The overall feel of the track is essentially contemporary with a tinge of fun element associated with it.

The jazz fervor continues with Chirigi Chatayyindhi is quite brilliant in terms of piano touches, mild percussions and enjoyable trumpets. The international aura is clearly seen in the brilliant usage of piano solos in the interludes.

A phenomenal instrumental track Gaddam Gang Theme arrives with mesmerizing House mix riffs and fun filled chorus. The trumpets make their presence felt with great timing and the track keeps the listener hooked towards throughout its progress.

The album comes to a finale with Kasu Cashu Dabbu – Mix possessing an experimental mixing technique which doesn’t sound noisy in any respect. It gets more gripping and adventurous in terms of bass work and rhythm section.

Gaddam Gang is stunningly impressive album in terms of presenting international genres like Modern Jazz and Rock for the Telugu Audience. The new sound, interesting lyrics and brilliant orchestration are big strengths of the album. However, it lacks the inevitable commercial touch.

Rating: 3.25/5

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