No Censor Cut For Vulgar TV Shows

By - November 18, 2014 - 10:04 AM IST

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There is almost no household in India where TV sets keeps silent on any day. Numerous entertainment programs have found their way in recent times in winning the attention of viewers. ‘Ali Talkies’ on MAA and ‘Jabardasth’ ETV are the current comedy sensations in TV circuit. 

But many are complaining about the vulgarity quotient in these two comedy shows. In a private discussion, a young hero shared his view on these shows to a director in a movie office. He said, "The vulgarity quotient has become too high in some TV shows. There seems to be no Censor issue for those shows. Going to theatre and buying ticket is a choice. But that is not the case with TV shows. Since there is no prior intimation about the vulgar dialogue/reference in a particular episode, even the parents are not prepared to change the channel”

In fact, there is no censoring for TV programs before they actually get aired. But if anyone has any issue over any program/ episode/ show, he can complain to the concerned authorities. 

To this, the director concluded, “Hence the TV shows are pulling more masses than that of films. There should be equal justice. Either the TV shows should be censored before they are transmitted or censor should be removed for movies.” Who listens to this? Need to see!