Korrapati Chains In Discussion

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The word ‘Chain’ might remind you of a gold chain, silver chain or for that matter a cycle chain (thanks to RGV’s ‘Shiva’) but one chain that is binding the Tollywood circuit right now belongs to a producer. His name is Sai Korrapati and his chains are not made of metal but of a completely different material.

It is heard that if anyone works with Sai and if he likes them then he will bind them by his chains. This could be through sentiment, opportunity or some emotional connect. Here are few examples of how Sai Korrapati works. The budding hero Naga Shourya has got three movies after his impressive performance in Oohalu Gusagusalade.

Another person is Trikoti, the director of the recent hit Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya and sources reveal Korrapati has given another movie to him. Same is the case with Avasarala Srinivas who scored a hit with his directorial venture Oohalu Gusagusalade and was granted another movie to direct. That way, instead of big movies, Sai Korrapati is going for small movies with quality and those who gave hits he is ensuring he doesn’t let go of them using his chains. 

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