First Film from RGV's new KFI

By - November 19, 2014 - 02:40 PM IST

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RGV comes up with ideas and tweets like no one does which seldom surface! And KFI was his latest invention.

Not many could believe their eyes when RGV announced his new KFI meeting in Kareem Nagar on the 18th of this month. But today, he actually gave some evidence to believe it. The filmmaker has announced the first film that shall be produced under KFI. It is "Chari-tra" directed by Siddhardh and produced by Edla Ashok wherein ‘Chari’ is the name of the girl. Further details are expected to be out shortly.

RGV has made his Charitra series (Raktha Charitra Part1 & Part2) and now it’s the turn of his young brigade! Well, the industry onlookers are definitely looking forward to the meeting on this Nov 18. For your information KFI is Kareem Nagar Film Industry which was the newfound invention of eccentric filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma.

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