Chandrabose's Lyrics Connecting Listeners

By - November 20, 2014 - 09:02 PM IST

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If you are a music lover, you would remember some nice chartbusters from films like Magadheera, 100 Percent Love, Bommarillu, Chatrapathi and others. A large credit for that goes to the lines penned by one man. His name is Chandrabose and over the years, he has earned reputation of being a sought after lyricist in Tollywood. 

Now, Chandrabose has weaved his magic once again with a superb song from superstar Rajinikanth's new film Lingaa. The track goes ‘Indian ayi raa….’ and it is a rather inspiring and motivational song. People have loved the lyrics so much that they are sharing it across different platforms.
This is more like a patriotic song. Usually, writing songs for dubbed flicks is a big art. It looks like a literal translation most of the times, but this one has been written in pure Telugu with original native flavor by Chandrabose. The song is slowly catching up among the youngsters and since it is an A R Rahman musical, you have to listen it two to three times to get the real kick.  

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