Secret Behind Foreign Trips @ Tollywood

By - November 21, 2014 - 10:45 AM IST

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It is known that eight out of ten films in Tollywood tend to have at least one schedule abroad. But looking at the current standards of technology, foreign trips are not required. For instance, in the film Greeku Veerudu they did CG work and made it look like it is USA. But perhaps due to lack of time, the quality was weak and it got noticed by the audience.

But if taken properly then it would be good. A foreign schedule involves cost on tickets, hotels, conveyances, permissions and it is going to be very expensive affair. If someone from the unit falls sick then producer will have a very tough time. On the contrary, in the film Darling there is a song which created Switzerland effect in Hyderabad using graphics.

Recently, for the film Bandipotu, Allari Naresh and team went to Italy. Naresh has also tweeted about it. But the big question remains, why all this foreign country frenzy? Well, the cine folks say it is the motivation factor. Once the producer fixes a budget, the makers plan for an overseas schedule such that fund gets utilized completely.

There is an assumption that if the film is shot abroad distributors will come forward but it is not so. Keeping that motivation aspect aside, everything can be done here and cost will also work out. Still, the trips do happen and sometimes even those who are not connected to the film also hop in and enjoy the abroad schedule.