Inside Talk: What's There In RGV's 'SPOT'?

By - November 24, 2014 - 06:01 PM IST

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There are only two reactions expected from you when we say the name Ram Gopal Varma. You will either loathe him or love him unconditionally. That’s the impact this eccentric genius has created over many years as a filmmaker. This is the reason why whenever RGV announces a film, a range of curiosity develops.

Now, RGV has announced his new project Spot and many are nosing around to see what it has. Well, Ramu has cleared the clouds with his own testimony. The film revolves around how the TDP leader and a well known factionist Paritala Ravi killed his arch rival Gang member Obul Reddy. This is one of the horrifying and blood filled chapters in the faction history of Andhra Pradesh. 

Now, RGV is going to make Spot directly with names and no fictitious names will be given. In his earlier venture Rakta Charitra he used alternate names like Pratap Ravi for Paritala Ravi, Bukka Reddy for Obul Reddy etc. Inside talk is that even RGV will be seen in few scenes because there is a need for him to be part of the narration. After a long time, he is making a movie which is close to his heart. This would have all debutantes and the shooting will commence this week.

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