Mohan Babu's 'Ice Cream'

By - November 25, 2014 - 04:51 PM IST

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For almost all of us cine buffs, Ice Cream is a dessert we used to enjoy and love having it all times. But the impression and flavor changed after July 12th, 2014 when Ram Gopal Varma released the film Ice Cream. Not stopping at that, he came up with the second edition recently and has redefined the meaning of something as cool as an ice cream into a scary and gory experience.

But now, another senior actor has been showing a lot of obsession towards ice cream and here we mean the dessert and not RGV’s film. He is none other than collection king Mohan Babu and his obsession is part of reel life and real life. Apparently, Mohan Babu is doing the role of Lord Yama in the new movie Yamaleela 2.

The teasers and trailers of the film reveal one constant dialogue from Mohan Babu which goes ‘Naku Himakreemu kaavali’. Himakreemu is nothing but ice cream. Those who saw the trailers felt Mohan Babu’s Ice Cream track is going to be fun. Meanwhile, the film marks the debut of Dr Sateesh as hero and he is also the producer. Above all, it marks the comeback of director S V Krishna Reddy.

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